How to Select a Memory Foam Bed Frame

So you’ve carefullly selected memory foam and base foam layers? All that’s left to do is find out if your current bedframe is appropriate for a memory foam mattress!

This is a very underemphasized step – if you have an inappropriate bedframe, your comfort and the life of your memory foam mattress can be significantly reduced.

What do I use?

Your bed frame needs to be a flat surface that doesn’t bend or move. This can be anything from the floor, to some box springs or platform beds.

The floor isn’t the best choice. Simple hygiene dictates that it’s going to be rather difficult to clean the carpet near the bed, plus little things like spilling a glass of water become a far larger issue than they need to be.

A box spring may work, as long as it provides a flat surface that doesn’t yield. Five points of support are the suggested minimum (posts at all four corners, and one at the center). If you can push on the middle of the boxspring and it transfers this load nicely to its supports without deflecting appreciably, it’s probably a good fit. Don’t use boxsprings with padding, that have a “spring” to them, or that clearly deflect when you apply load to them.

What I did


I used a simple platform bed like the MALM bed shown on the right from IKEA. To ensure five points of support, I put a few textbooks (hey, I was on a budget) under the center beam.

There is also a choice between rigid and flexible supportive bed slats, pick the rigid ones.

4 thoughts on “How to Select a Memory Foam Bed Frame

  1. Hey Geoff..great site and great info (maybe a little confusing with the inches/ metric ; BUT…)…i think this is what the webb was originally for…a thought on bed support (base) I personnally like a FIRM bed so i bought 2 blank door panels from home depot ( they come in standard sizes starting at 18″ and increase by 2″ can get them from any building supply) and did the 4 corners single centre support you mention…beauties! now it’s time to upgrade to foam.Again ;thanks…D

  2. I’m the same. I just cant do it. I’ll put the pillow under my head when lying down but when its time to actlauly sleep i gotta remove it or i wont fall asleep because my neck feels awkward. I never thought much of it. Its just how i feel comfortable.

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