8 thoughts on “New Laser Shots

  1. Just about to make “The Ultimate Home Laser Show,” by the looks of this though it seems like it will soon become the penultimate, this one looks awesome…looking forward to seeing how you did it.

  2. well, i just made basically this same thing but i do have a question… My circles are just perfect and i sort of like the effect you have how they are messy. Did you do something with yours where you attached something to a speaker like the other design ?

    • Hey Adam,

      Yep, the laser first bounces off a mirror on a speaker then goes through a spinning diffraction grating. You get a cool “spirograph” effect where the shapes change and bounce with the music.

  3. I saw your Five Dollar Laser Show. It was GREAT. I don’t have any techy friends who could pull it together like you did. could I send you $$$ and you make one for me??
    I’m working on an autism sensory room. I bought a gel projector but it keeps getting hot. I’m too worried about leaving it on all day for all the classes that use the room. Besides yours is cooler and works with music.

    thank you for your time.
    Ms. Nelson – Lafayette Specialty School, Chicago

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