There is underlying mathematical structure everywhere – it’s just a matter of finding the best way to unfold it from the data. I’ve been working on a project to objectively rank mixed martial arts fighters. It’s not anywhere near done yet, but I’ve collected a fair bit of data. Here’s what nearly 2000 MMA fights in the UFC and Pride FC over the last 15 years look like expressed as a directed graph with a force directed layout.

You can see fights clumped into UFC (top) and Pride (bottom) organizations, with a subset of fighters acting as ambassadors between both.

4 thoughts on “Directed Graphs and MMA

  1. Interesting but it goes deeper than just the numbers. I am from the school of thought that in this era the tape doesn’t lie and Fedor tapped to Big Nog and as far as I am concerned they need to be calculated as equals from their post pride splocth. I believe the distinctive flaw in the perception of the masses of what I call “Emporer of fraud effect” mathematically speaking that since that unfortunate reffing blunder Fedor his number one ranking and how it has had a trickle effect on all of his competition since becoming more popular overbloating every other HW to look good against him since, looping themselves into a club of those who roundrobin themselves together. Yes he had a near perfect and avenged record by that point but if he Fedor, came to the UFC post splat who is to say Frank Mir wouldn’t have ripped his royal leg off three months before goes Randy goes HW because the “div looks weak” and spanks a young Mirs bottom and eventually gets the part in Captian America movie? Could have. Look How Cain dispatched Nog and Brock leaves me little hope for the arguement that the ladders climbed and contenders dispatched for JDS vs Cain in on way anything but shameless for one two right now and we the only thing most people agree on without their fingers crossed or being polite, I think its blatently obvious. After that without taking into consideration the reality outside of the rankings is the current Strikeforce HW tourney has proven that 4 HWs could be argued for a chance to have another shot in the UFC right now Barnett Kharitonv Big Foot and not so liberally Cormier. Other than that All I would like to find out dude is if someone could run the objective factors bactracking as before to the post pride and without a F NOG III Use them as absolute equal for post pride. See how much that lowers Not only Fedor but also explains why he has had such close and bloody matches with meatcans from everywhere since who will also be exposed as their rankings and their effects are also effected by the removal of not only the Emporer effect on the Hype portion of your brain but take off the goggles in which you look at him in the future. Even I was for a long time but researching hard and heavy as longtime fan I gotta say he is the longest running scam in MMA historythe only people who win are his management, wife children and M1 globals bank accounts. He got the largest singel fighter offer to come to the UFC but he turned it down beat up Brett Rogers who may have been his first exposer move a punch less than a mm then well no need to over explain the three fight first round demolishment slide. Seriously under these circumstances I am willing to bet that after this past lost to Hendo Fedor will now not even be ranked in the top 25 low bet 75 high bet. I would also lop a general 10 to 18 spots off any current top five interranked strikeforce fighters as I don’t think any of this fight over beating each other means any of them would make it in the UFC. Tiger was way more ahead of his pack than Fedor of his pack of misfits since pride and has fallenout of the top ten playing in as many majors as possible, Fedor not so much. Fedor fighting in freakshows and glass chinned UFC spent up old title holders. Since then a little kid Jon Jones’ was in highschool and has since then made real legitmate competition look stupid from literally nowhere. But once you start accounting for that one I don’t know because Hamill had his number one contenders shot and lost to Rampage so paperless or matchmaker logic says 1 Done for me lately 2 Established legitmacy in dispatching common opponent 3 what have you done for me overall. = Rampage vs Jones.

    Think of it this way Fedor loses to Hendo. Hendo loses to Anderson Silva and Jake Shields but not Bisping. Jake Shields loses to a blinded Gsp for more than a regular regulation match. By this degree of paperless billing Fedor losing to Gsp with an eyepatch is hardly what I’m saying is true or a base for all things but you have to understand how the performance goes has to do more with the level of competition it is against and where it ranks at that point in time. Also Fedor anywhere close to GSP on any pound for pound lists laughable at first then stern by the great insult it leaves open to all others who fall in between! It might also suggest that GSP completely block 185 out of his mind until Anderson ages gracefully away or fattens to 205 already. Similarly to Fedors lower competition expectations post pride if Tiger would have to win dozens of non US and British national titles to get near number one no other major also assumed. He wouln’t choose that route but Fedor did comparitavely since pride by chipping in on the final holes luckily in a not so heavy schedual either of international title events. But if you see Fedor golf against former tour pros or senior pros its like he needs a shot advantage on everything but par threes. The equvilant to a par three would be an athelete whose chin has proven suspect consistantly lately and late in the career such as Arlovski. Correct the Fedor quotiant and realize that his performances as of late have proven what could have been legitmately more than possible for quite some time now. Fedor really was top 5 in 05 more than safe to say not soo much by 06, By 07 who really knows anymore by 08 Everyone with a calculator has gone lady gaga and this scam has scam has taken all our money, wasted all of time, gave us some fireworks almost watching the fall of the living legend like being drunk and evil during Nascar. It made us all look like fools. He should be even and only slighty better than the likes of Cro Cop at the the time and if you want to stretch the scenario for shits and giggles by assuming that in super fight style Fedor losses to then two divisional champ Dan Henderson? Then see how the rankings, his choice of opponents, and consequences of M1 play out from there. Fedors current rank guess on that basis would be as it sits today would be nearer to 75 or 80. Good luck turning that way of thinking into numbers it is what I dream about having the capability of getting done myself.

    Randy Couture, BJ Penn as team record doesn’t prepare you for shit vs Brian Ebersole and Dennis Hallman who makes you have you shit your pants for comparitavely who knows equalish resaons to be afraid. How do you take that into consideration? Everyone on the streets could know a HW with a 100-0 record who wouldn’t last a round vs Mark Hunt in the Ufc I mean it is all possible.
    Like Dennis Hallman top five and not Carlos Condit? I appreciate your attention to flexibility and look forward to the results of any of this high level debunking to be done.

  2. @Brent Heller

    That is literally the dumbest comment i have ever read.
    I took the time to read that hunk of crap and i feel dumber now.

    Seriously pull your head out of your ass. You know nothing about MMA… you’re so dumb that you used MMAmath to justify one of your points!! lmao!!!

    What a goose.

  3. Tom,

    You took the time to read all of that, and you took it seriously enough to post two replies to somebody who has got to be either crazy, or drunk, or a troll, or using a random word generator; and quite possibly, all four of those things.

    Pot kettle black.

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